What exists around us?

Sometimes I wonder what really do exist around us, outside of us, outside of what we always see. Is there really a heaven or hell? What does the universe looks like? What’s beyond us? What can we see besides the inside of the earth? What else can we explore? How did it all started? Who built it and how? All these questions runs through my head. And yet nobody could give me an exact answer. I could do research for hours but are those accurate? Sometimes they are but sometimes they’re not. Who should I believe? Who should I ask? I know for sure it took a million or even billion years to create to where I am standing now.

Why do we even exist? Why does the universe exist? Why do all the planet exist? Who created the planet? How were they created? Its crazy to think how much our world been through. There’s so many intelligent creators to be in the world I am now.

Why does the religious humanists describe the universe as “self-existing not created”? How so? Isn’t things are usually made by someone? Did God created the universe? But how? To think of, the universe already existed by the time of God. Somehow they have a point. No man creates the disasters we get each year. It happens naturally. We are born to live. To live in this world of unknown and yet known. Its up to us how we deal with nature. It may kill us or we’ll live longer.

The most fundamental thing about this world is we are a part of it. We help to make or destroy our world. We study and learn from it. From then till now, thousands or millions of people have studied and discovered and died for the sake of knowing the unknown. A small step make a difference. We must know how to take care of the world we live in. Though nature cannot be controlled, we must know how to prepare ourselves on what it could do to us. We should make a difference.

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